Ten of my favorite Harry Potter characters

So when I think of what book series has meant the most to me, and what series I connect with the most and can read over and over again and never get tired of it, the first thing that comes to mind is Harry Potter.  I actually read Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone for the first time a few months after it first came out because some friend of my mothers said that we should read this novel that she found while she was at the bookstore by some fluke.  I had never even heard of it before then, somehow I missed all the press and reviews that had come out when it sort of became instantly popular.  I remember reading the first chapter or so and thinking, wow, this isn’t really for me, I had a hard time getting into the story at first, but my mother said no, to trust her, it gets so much better.  So I trusted her, and it was the best decision I ever made when it came to a book.  Soon I was sucked into this world of magic and after finishing reading the first book I couldn’t wait to read the sequel.  After that, we preordered every novel in the series and I waited not so patiently for each book to come out and then completed each book in a matter of a day or a couple days.  I was obsessed, I had to have my fix and so when it came to the seventh novel, not only was I sad because of a lot of the subject matter, but also because this thing that I had grown up with and fallen in love with was ending.  Nevertheless, even my least favorite book of the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, holds a special place in my heart.  I love all of the novels and of course over the different novels there were certain characters that just really stood out to me and so this is my list of favorite Harry Potter characters:

10.  Dobby

  • We first meet Dobby in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Dobby appears at Harry’s Aunt and Uncle’s house and warns Harry Potter, this boy who he has never met, that he can’t go to Hogwarts that year, that he was in grave danger.  Dobby who had no reason to be loyal to Harry Potter, who belonged to a family who despised Harry, did what he believed was necessary to keep him from said danger, even though he didn’t have to.  He was always full of so much heart, and even though what he seemed to want most was his freedom, which he eventually got at the end of Chamber, his biggest concern was the wellbeing of those he considered friends, which eventually became Harry and his group of friends.  Although Dobby’s end is a devastating one, he left protecting the very people who he considered to be his best friends and that is why he has landed on my list of favorites, because of his love and his courage.

9.  Neville Longbottom

  • Poor Neville Longbottom had a rough start of things and had events not occurred as they did, he may have become the boy who lived instead of Harry Potter.  Neville was the son of Alice and Frank who were Aurors and members of the original Order of the Phoenix, and who fought against Voldemort and his army.  They were targeted because of this but instead of a killing curse like Harry’s parents, they were tortured by Death Eaters with the Cruciatus Curse and driven insane, leading them to a lifetime in a hospital.  Neville was just a baby when all of this happened and so he was sent to live with his grandmother, who then raised him.  When we meet Neville, we meet a generally unassertive, clumsy boy who seems a bit unsure of himself and the things he is capable of.  Over the years this seems to change and as he grows he finds things that he ends up being really good at, like herbology, and becomes a generally stronger character, joining in on the fight against Voldemort and the Death Eaters.  Neville is another character who is full of heart, and as an awkward teenager myself, he’s someone that I really connected with over the course of the books.

8.  Remus Lupin

  • Remus Lupin aka Moony, is for sure my favorite character of James Potter and his group of friends aka the Marauders.  Remus is another one with a sad back story, at a young age he sort of became cursed with lycanthropy which is a thing that he struggled with for most of his life.  During Voldemort’s first rise to power, he lost his two friends James and Lily and also he believed, Peter Pettigrew, though he later finds out what really happened to Pettigrew, and then after rekindling his friendship with Sirius Black, loses him too.  Lupin eventually finds peace when he marries his fellow Order member, Nymphadora, but things end sadly for the both of them as well, leaving behind a child without a father and mother, much like what happened with Harry and his parents.  And this leads me to my #7 pick which is:

7.  Nymphadora Tonks

  • I think part of the reason I like Tonks so much is 1. because she’s a metamorphmagus, which I find really cool, but also 2. because of her spirit.  As a young woman in her twenties, she’s kind of between that stage of being a responsible and important witch, she is a trained Auror of course, but also still being kind of rambunctious and silly.  I also love that her and Lupin end up falling in love and getting married, but all of this, coupled with the fact that she has a small child, leaves her death an incredibly hard one to deal with.

6.  Molly Weasley

  • Mother of all of the Weasley children, and practically an adoptive mother to both Harry and Hermione, Molly Weasley is kind of just a bad ass in general who doesn’t put up with anybody’s crap, especially those who come after her family.  She’s a mama bear to the fullest extreme and that’s something that I really admire about her.

5.  Rubeus Hagrid

  • Poor Hagrid is another character who had a tough time of things for a portion of his life.  Hagrid was raised by his father after his mother abandoned the two of them, leaving Hagrid with very few memories of her, and the memories he did have weren’t very pleasant.  Hagrid, also only being a half giant, had trouble fitting in with other giants, but he did have a very loving relationship with his father before his father’s death.  When Hagrid was of age, he went to Hogwarts but in his third year he was expelled after he was framed by Tom Riddle for the death of a fellow student.  Hagrid eventually returned to Hogwarts as the groundskeeper but he was heavily restricted from using magic.  He was also the one who brought Harry Potter to Hogwarts and introduced the boy to the wizarding world, bonding the pair to the point that Harry and his friends became like family to Hagrid.  Hagrid is another character who just has such a big heart and that is what I fell in love with.

4.  Hermione Granger

  • Hermione stands for a great many attributes that I love to see leading female characters stand for.  She’s smart, opinionated, brave, caring, strong, and so many other things.  She takes a stand for things that she believes in and does anything to help her friends.

3.  Sirius Black

  • Sirius Black, the man who loses two of his best friends and is then sent to the world’s worst prison for their murder, which he of course didn’t commit.  The man who eventually escaped, saved his godson, got the opportunity to reconnect with him, and then ultimately died protecting him and others.  Sirius Black, though only in the books for a short while, compared to other characters leaves a lasting impact with his dedication and love.

2.  Ronald Weasley

  • When Ronald Weasley meets Harry Potter, he barely has anything and yet he offers Harry part of what he does have.  While Harry is sort of the glue of the trio, Ron becomes the heart and Hermione, the brains.  Ron constantly puts his friends first, even when he’s having teenage angst issues and he, like Harry and Hermione consistently faces his fears.  I think part of the reason he’s one of my top favorites is because I feel like he’s the underrated character compared to the other two main characters, when I see other comparisons of the three, I feel like his character is always under-appreciated and I think when you consider everything that he contributes, that’s an unfair thing to say.
  1. Severus Snape
  • Severus Snape is probably the most controversial character on this list.  Any time I see a ranking of Harry Potter characters, people either love Snape or they hate him.  I am one who loves him, in fact, I may go so far as to say he is my favorite character out of all the other characters.  I have actually gotten into arguments with people before about Snape and why he is one of the best characters in the series.  And here’s the basics of my reasoning: imagine being a young boy, your parents don’t really care for you, your father is actually borderline abusive, you have no friends, and your only interaction with the muggle world is rather negative.  Until you meet this girl who’s the same age as you, and you instantly connect, when you find out that she, too has powers.  You then spend most of your time with this girl and she becomes the only friend you know, and you fall in love with her.  Then you go to Hogwarts and get sorted into two different houses, leaving the two of you to start to become distant.  You also have trouble fitting in there and are constantly picked on, especially by this boy James and his friends.  That girl that you were once so close with tries to help, but that only makes things worse and so you take your rage out on her and call her a dirty name, furthering your separation.  But you’re smarter then most people there so you focus on your studies and eventually become friends with some of the other students in your house.  That girl eventually ends up falling for your enemy and you eventually end up joining the Death Eaters.  You trust those people for a while, so when you hear of the prophecy that your leader is to be destroyed because a child who was to be born would eventually lead to his death, you tell him.  But soon after you realize what a mistake that is and you come clean to Dumbledore so that he can protect that woman and her now husband and son, and you become a spy for the Order.  But even Dumbledore can’t keep her safe, and ultimately she and her husband is killed and you’re devastated having lost the only person you have ever loved.  But the boy lives, and so you, at the request of Dumbledore spend your whole life protecting this boy.  Only when the boy comes of age and ends up at Hogwarts, he seems to do everything that he can to end up in harms way and you try to do what you can to get him kicked out, so that that last piece of the woman you loved so much could stay alive, even though he reminds you so much of a man who tormented you for years and even though you know that when the time calls for it, the boy, who has his mother’s eyes, is supposed to die, as he holds within him the last piece of Voldemort.  You eventually have to kill a man who you’ve come to trust more then anybody and then die yourself protecting the boy.  Snape never had a chance at a happy story.  By the time he was an adult, he was already bitter from years of abuse from not only his father but also his peers, he had become distant from the one person who meant the most to him, and he was forced to care for and protect a boy who not only reminded him of a man he couldn’t stand, but who also reminded him of the only real friend he had and lost.
  • “But this is touching, Severus,” said Dumbledore seriously. “Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?” “For him?” shouted Snape. “Expecto Patronum!” From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe. She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears. “After all this time?” “Always,” said Snape.”


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