A book you can finish in a day–The Fever


The Fever by Megan Abbott was honestly an unexpected look into the teenage girl mind that took me by surprise.  The novel follows the Nash family and is written in the perspective of Deenie Nash, a young teenage girl who’s an all around good girl, honor student; her brother Eli Nash, just a little older then Deenie, Eli is one of the stars of the high school’s hockey team and all-around ladies guy; and their father Tom, who is a chemistry teacher at the high school the two attend.  The family lives in your typical small town, where everybody knows everybody, and day to day life is pretty much the same.  That is until Deenie’s best friend Lise, a perfectly healthy young girl, has a seizure in the middle of school.  At first it’s suggested that she has an undiagnosed medical condition, but when nothing comes up on all of the tests that are run, fingers start to get pointed in other directions, and when other girls in the school start to have strange, unexplained episodes too, the whole town goes into a panic.

This novel really took me by surprise.  I really didn’t know what to expect when I first started to read it and I got a little lost at first with the differing perspectives, but as I got further into the novel I got drawn into the story, all of the chaos and glance back into teenage life.  Thinking back, I can remember what it was like to want to be a part of a group, and doing things that maybe weren’t the best choices just because that’s what my friends or people who I thought were my friends were doing, just as the girls in this novel do.  This novel is a very interesting look into the young teenage girl mind and just how much that wanting to belong can consume you.  It’s also an interesting perspective on how delicate a young girl in love can be, and the length that one will go to when she/he thinks something has been stole from him/her.

The only thing I will say I don’t particularly care for in the novel is the character Deenie herself.  There’s just something about her that annoys me and it was hard for me to like her or feel sorry for her in her situation.  I honestly can’t put my finger on what I don’t like about her, I just have a problem with her overall.  Other then that, the novel is wonderfully written and a bit of a thriller, also a very fast read.


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