The first book you see in the bookstore–Red Queen


So this is kind of a lie, because technically the first book I saw when I entered my local bookstore was the sequel to this book, Glass Sword, but having never read the first book, I decided I’d read it in chronological order.  I actually got the audio book through Audible of Red Queen a while ago, so I decided I would finally listen to it and I held out as long as I could but by chapter eleven, I couldn’t bare to listen to it anymore and needed to buy a physical copy of the book.  I don’t know why but I could not stand the narrator’s voice and it was driving me crazy.  I think more then anything I just don’t like being read to (I got the audio book for free and that’s the only reason I even got the audiobook)  and maybe that’s what bothered me so much because the girl had a fairly normal voice, but I just couldn’t do it anymore, so I went and bought me a physical copy of the book.

Red Queen is a story about a girl named Mare who has been brought up in a world of poverty, as is the consequence of her blood.  See in her world there are people known as Reds, normal average humans, with red blood, and then there are Silvers, who are the hierarchy of their world; they have different powers and their blood is actually the color of silver.  Reds are treated like servants and they have one of two options in their youth, either find a job or become an apprentice to a master of a particular skill, or by the time you turn eighteen, be drafted into the army.  Silvers are the royalty of the world, living in palaces that the Reds couldn’t even dream about.

Mare is seventeen years old and getting closer and closer every day to conscription, it’s nearly impossible for a Red to find a job and she was never apprenticed so her destiny, like that of her three older brothers, is to be drafted into the army.  Because she doesn’t have a job, she helps her family by stealing, and she’s become quite the master thief.  Everything is going normal for her family until her best friend, Kilorn, master dies, and he finds out he is about to be conscripted.  Mare can’t let her best friend get drafted so she contacts someone who can help smuggle him and her out of town, but it will come at a huge price.  Mare steals what she can but then she meets a young man that she believes to be a servant named Cal.  Cal takes an interest in her and feels bad about the circumstances she has found herself in, so he ends up getting her a job working as a servant for the Silvers.  But Mare soon finds out that Cal isn’t who he said he was, and Mare ends up discovering something about herself that will change everything.  Soon she finds herself in a world that she could have never imagined and in a battle against everything that the Silvers stand for.

This book is amazing!  Every time I read a review I either find people who loved the book or people who really didn’t care for it, but I instantly became obsessed, constantly needing to know what happened next and now that I’ve finished the book, it’s taking everything in me not to go out and buy the sequel (I’ve banned myself from buying any more books until I’ve finished at least half of the twenty-some books I just recently bought).  The book is reminiscent of several other YA series that I love, such as Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, and I’d even say to some extent The Mazerunner series, but mainly the first two series.  I feel like it makes a very interesting political statement that can be related to current times, though I’m not sure if that was intended, but in some ways the book and the treatment of the Reds vs the Silvers is kind of relatable.  There is some action, magic, and romance all mixed together and I really thoroughly enjoyed it.  The only thing I will say is the ending was very predictable, I saw it about halfway through the book, but there was also a small twist at the end that was a nice surprise.  I can’t wait to be able to go out and buy the next one!


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3 Responses to The first book you see in the bookstore–Red Queen

  1. Great review! I don’t wanna buy this series at first but I am reading good reviews about this book and how amazing this is. Victoria Aveyard is coming to our country this March 5th, and I am still contemplating whether or not to go to her book signing event (because I would be forced to buy the series) but you’re all saying it’s awesome… so I’m back to square one. LOL!

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