Top Ten Favorite TV Shows currently running

So at first when I was making this list I was going to pick just five TV shows that I love that are currently running, but, I had too hard of a time picking just five shows, so I ended up just doing a top 10 list.  These are all shows that are still currently on TV, some are only still in their first season and have already made this list, others have been on air for a little while.  Here is my top 10:

10.  American Horror Story (2011-current)


  • I love this show.  I think the idea behind it is so unique.  Each season is a different theme and has a different set of characters, with occasional interconnecting characters, played by a lot of the same actors.  The first two seasons are tied for my favorites, Murder House and Asylum, they were both so wonderfully done, so twisted and so well written.  Coven is probably my least favorite of the seasons, though I still enjoyed it, there was just something about it that made it drag at parts, but it is still enjoyable nonetheless.  Freak Show is another season that started out not being my favorite but as it continued on, I fell more and more in love with it, and I was actually quite happy with the ending of the season.  And I felt like that greatness continued into Hotel, which I found immensely enjoyable and although I desperately missed Jessica Lange, I thought it was still wonderful and really enjoyed what Lady Gaga brought to the show.  My all time favorite characters from the show were Liz Taylor (Hotel), Marie Laveau and Delphine LaLaurie (Coven), Kit Walker and Sister Mary Eunice (Asylum), and Tate (Murder House).  I’m excited for what the future has to bring with the show.

9.  Fear the Walking Dead (2015-current)


  • I’m sure this is going to be a surprise that this show is on this list and not The Walking Dead, but if I was writing this list a couple years ago, The Walking Dead would for sure be on here, but I feel like the last season and the beginning of this new season has been a bit lacking.  Now recent episodes have been much better and one of the most recent episodes is probably the best episode the series has had in a while, but nevertheless, I still don’t look forward to the show as much as I used to, still love it of course, just not what it used to be.  However, I thought Fear the Walking Dead had an amazing premiere season.  I know it was very hit or miss with people, some loved it some didn’t care for it, but I thought it was wonderful and look forward to season 2.  If you’re not familiar with this new series it takes place in Los Angeles, when the virus first starts infecting people and shows the pieces of the story that we really didn’t see at the beginning of The Walking Dead because of Rick’s coma.  The show mostly follows a family as they struggle to stay together and escape the death and also the military.

8.  Orange is the New Black (2013-current)


  • I’m pretty sure this show is always on lists of people’s favorite shows, it’s just really good and an interesting perspective on the legal system.  I love the group of characters, though I don’t really care for Piper, she’s actually one of my least favorite characters, and she’s kind of the main character, though they’ve gotten a lot better at not showcasing her as much and really focusing on showing a lot of other character’s stories, which I really enjoy. But I think it is really well written and I always look forward to the next season.  The show started out following Piper when she is convicted of a crime she committed several years prior, she decides she will just do her time and ends up at Litchfield prison and meets all of the other women in the prison.  Like I said, at first they seemed to focus on her character quite a lot, but lately they’ve really got into the stories of the other inmates.

7.  Jessica Jones (2015-current)


  • Wow, this was such a powerful first season.  Jessica Jones is a private investigator with special powers who is not your typical hero in any sense.  She is particularly unique when it comes to female superheros, she’s brazen and sarcastic and a little mean and a little bit of a drunk.  But she has a dark past, part of which was caused by the main villain of the show, Kilgrave, who was played by the masterful David Tennant.  The show definitely shows a dark side, handling issues like domestic abuse and rape, but Jessica, always the warrior rises above her past and works to defeat her villain before he can harm any other women.  This show is seriously a powerful message to women about sticking up to your abuser.

6.  Sense8 (2015-current)


  • Another Netflix original series Sense8 quickly became an addiction of mine and I actually watched the first season in the matter of a day.  The show follows these eight strangers, who live in all different parts of the world, who suddenly become connected mentally and emotionally and can sense, communicate and use each others’ skill sets.  The show is fascinating and such a unique story and each of the characters is so different and yet so likeable, you find yourself rooting for each and every one of them.  If I could recommend just one Netflix series to a person who’s never watched a Netflix original, this would definitely be the one I recommend.

5.  Quantico (2015-current)


  • This is a show that I honestly did not expect to like as much as I have and I am so excited for the series to return.  The show shows the past following a group of FBI trainees at Quantico while intermittently showing the present when a bomb has gone off in New York that is linked to one of the students, Alex.  But Alex didn’t plant the bomb and so she must prove her innocence and find out who really set it off.  This show is so good!  I thought it was going to be a typical crime show but I think they’ve done a great job of really setting it apart and the show proves that you can’t really trust anyone.

4. Dark Matter (2015-current)


  • So I actually randomly found this show on Netflix when I was searching for a new show to watch and I ended up watching the first season within a couple days.  I fell in love with the show, which is reminiscent of a couple other shows including Firefly, which is one of my favorite shows of all time.  The show itself is on SyFy and season 2 is scheduled to start this summer, I believe.  The show follows a crew of a spaceship who wakes up after being in hypersleep, not remembering who they are or why they are on the ship, they don’t even know their own names.  The crew then work to find out who they are and what exactly they have hiding on the ship, but things aren’t going as easily as they hoped.  I loved the little twist at the end of season one and I have recommended the show to others who have become just as addicted as I am!

3.  Teen Wolf (2011-current)


  • Never would I ever have expected a show on MTV, let alone two shows (see #1) to be in my top favorite shows, but man are they really producing great shows.  I have been watching Teen Wolf since the beginning and I have always loved the show, but I can really say that they have hugely improved not only the story but also the special effects in the past couple years.  The creatures that they have come up with, come from real legends which I find to be very neat and I love the writing, though it has definitely broke my heart before with certain characters who have died or left the show.  They have a really great mixture of action, violence, some horror, romance, and storytelling.  The show itself, follows a group of teenagers in high school, some of who are werewolves, a werecoyote, a kitsune, a banshee, and even more, as they struggle to protect themselves and their community from the evils that seem to always be attracted to there.

2.  How to Get Away With Murder (2014-current)


  • This show is just one shocking scene after another and I love it!  The show follows Annalise Keating, a criminal defense attorney and professor, who every year selects a group of her brightest students to work for her firm and help on cases.   When she selects her group from this class, they end up on a very high profile case, which leads to lies, murder, and more craziness; leading not only the group to do bad things but also to Annalise to make some dark decisions.  This show is just full of twists and it is so well written.  The cast is seriously perfect, especially Viola Davis, who plays Annalise herself.  This is one of those shows I just can’t wait to watch every week.

1.The Shannara Chronicles (2016-current)


  • The second MTV show on this list, The Shannara Chronicles is another one that took me by complete surprise.  First of all this show is just incredibly stunning, the cinematography is just absolutely beautiful, I would think it to be a production from a much bigger, more renowned studio quite honestly.  The show was filmed in New Zealand so the scenery is just so beautiful.  The Shannara Chronicles is incredibly well written and immersive; a great mixture of fantasy, action, and romance.  The story follows three people:  Amberle, the Elven Princess who has been tasked with protecting an ancient, magical tree that protects the entire world from being taken over by demons; Will, a half-human, half-elf boy who is actually a descendant of an incredibly powerful and important Elven family; and Eretria, a human girl who has spent most of her life a slave, but who’s more special then they know.  The three must save the ancient tree from dying so that they can save the world from demons taking over and destroying everything. The cast is absolutely amazing and it’s another show I just can’t wait to watch each week.

These are my top favorite shows that are on right now, but there are several others that I watch and love but couldn’t fit on the list, and others that I used to love but lately have been a bit disappointing.  Some honorable mentions: The Walking Dead, Mom, 2 Broke Girls, Young and Hungry, Pretty Little Liars (though lately I’ve found myself disappointed with this show), and Bones.



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