Top Ten Favorite TV Shows that have Ended

I think I love TV shows a little more then I love movies which is almost hard to say considering my love of movies, but I think TV shows offer a more immersive perspective into the world and story that they create.  That being said, there are lots of TV shows that I absolutely love and could watch repeatedly, and this is a list of ten of those shows that have already ended, whether it be recently or years ago.

10.  Are You Being Served?  (1972-1985)


  • This show is probably not as well known as some of the other shows that you will find on this list but it definitely holds a special place in my heart.  I remember, as a child, going over my grammy’s house to sleepover on the weekends and on Saturday nights, one of the local TV stations would play British comedy shows, such as Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances, and Waiting for GodAre You Being Served? was definitely my favorite of those shows.  The show followed a group of retail store employees and featured a truly hilarious cast of characters.  My personal favorite, and I’m sure pretty much everybody’s personal favorite, was Mrs. Slocombe, who would often mention her cat with quotes like this, “What about this fog!  My pussy’s been gasping all night!”  She always referred to her cat as “her pussy” and the comments made about it were always hilarious.  If you can find this show, I highly recommend watching it, it’s a great laugh.

9.  I Love Lucy  (1951-1957)


  • Another show on my list that’s an older one that I have fond memories of watching with my grammy is I Love Lucy.  Lucille Ball is one of the funniest women to have ever lived and this show was a true testament to her comedy.  I remember watching Nick @ Nite with my grammy and seeing all the classic shows that they used to play and this was always one of my favorites.  The show follows Lucy and her husband Ricky and their best friends Ethel and Fred as they get into all kinds of crazy antics.  Definitely a must watch if you’ve never seen it.

8.  3rd Rock From the Sun  (1996-2001)


  • Yet another comedy show, 3rd Rock From the Sun is a hilarious story about a group of aliens who come to Earth for research and pretend to be a normal family.  As they become accustomed to human life, they fall more in love with earth and humans and much of the comedy of the show comes from them learning about what it is to be human.  It’s another one that is just fun to watch.

7. Deadwood (2004-2006)


  • Deadwood was an HBO show that sadly did not get the love it deserved from the company and therefore ended far too soon.  This was a wonderfully written and done show about a lawless mining town after the Civil War.  The town belongs to no states or territories and is run by the people who live in it who hope to get rich either with gold or crime.  This show ended too soon but I love it nonetheless.

6.  Firefly (2002-2003)


  • Another show that ended way too soon was Firefly.  The show sadly only got one season, but it was an amazing season.  They did eventually make the movie Serenity, which took place a little while after the show had ended, but although the movie is good, it didn’t quite make up for the fact that the show shouldn’t have ended when it did, not to mention the heartbreaking deaths that happen.  Firefly follows a crew of smugglers, each bringing unique backgrounds with them, who live outside of the Alliance control and go on different quests to earn money and survive, when one day they stumble upon a girl and her brother who change things for them beyond what they believed.

5.  Friends (1994-2004)


  • I grew up watching this show with my mother and loved it, and to this day this is just one of those shows where I can catch a random episode on TV and have a good laugh.  The show followed a group of friends in New York City as they live their everyday lives and get into all kinds of funny situations.  The only thing I will say about this one is, I didn’t care for it towards the end of the show, but for the most part this is just one of those shows I can put on for a mindless laugh.

4.  How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)


  • So this show pretty much took over after Friends ended with a similar plot, a group of friends in New York City in their day to day lives, but I enjoy this show more.  Barney and Lily are two of my favorite characters and I feel like this show had less annoying drama then Friends.  With Friends, there was certain dynamics that I didn’t care for, such as the Ross and Rachel drama, and I feel like How I Met Your Mother didn’t really have anything like that, except maybe the Robin and Ted dynamic, but that didn’t nearly annoy me as much.  The one thing that did anger me about this show, however, was the very last episode.  However, they redeemed themselves with an alternate ending, which is the only ending I allow myself to believe exists.

3.  Psych (2006-2014)


  • I actually just finished re-watching all of this show recently and re-fell in love with it.  The show follows Shawn, who has spent his whole life jumping from job to job, who finds himself in a bit of a situation with the police that leads him to lying and pretending he’s a psychic (when he really just has very keen observation skills) who can help the Santa Barbara Police Department solve crimes.  After he solves his first crime for them, he becomes addicted and he decides to open a psychic detective company called Psych, with his unknowing best friend, Gus, where he can be a psychic for hire both privately and by the police department.  Shawn and Gus then end up solving a number of cases with the police department with hilarious antics.  This show is just so funny to me and I love the friendship between the two characters.

2.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)


  • Joss Whedon + Vampires + a kickass female lead = just pure awesomeness.  I love this show, which follows Buffy as she struggles with her friends to keep Sunnydale, and sometimes the whole world, safe from vampires and demons.  I definitely think the middle seasons are a little better then the first and last but I love the whole show nonetheless, especially my two favorite characters, Willow, who is a normal geeky girl turned witch, and Anya, a revenge demon turned human turned revenge demon again.

1. Charmed (1998-2006)


  • Charmed is my all time favorite show and I have literally seen every single episode of it at least 6 or 7 times.  At some point every year, I get into a mood where I really want to watch Charmed and I re-watch all of the seasons in a matter of a couple weeks.  It’s to the point where I have what happens in every episode memorized and I can tell you exactly what happens in each episode as it begins.  Charmed follows three sisters who believe they are just ordinary people until they find out they’re actually witches who are supposed to protect the world from evil.  The trio have a hard time at first but as they grow they evolve their powers and become The Power of Three that they were always meant to be.  Piper is definitely my favorite character, I feel like she is the most relatable of the sisters, and although I was sad when one of the sisters died, I was happy with the new sister that they brought in, Paige, who was their half sister from their  mother and her Whitelighter, a guardian angel basically.  The show is full of love, family, friendship, drama, and kickass action led by three bad-ass women.

So that’s my list, now of course there are many other shows that I have loved, but each one of these shows, I could literally watch over and over again and not get tired of.


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