Ten of my favorite novel to film adaptations

I love to read, obviously, I also love films and love seeing book to film adaptations.  Now there have been plenty of book to film (or TV show) adaptations out there that have been majorly disappointing (I’m looking at you City of Bones and Shadowhunters); but there also have been some great adaptations, so here is my list of ten of my favorite book to film adaptations, in no real particular order.

10. Holes

So this is one of those books that I can kind of say I enjoyed more as a movie because it translated a little better to film, in my opinion.  I still really love the book, which follows a boy, who’s family believes they are cursed, who gets sent to a corrections camp to dig holes after being wrongly accused of stealing a pair of sneakers.  The book follows the boy as he makes new friends there, discovers some secrets, and attempts to break his family’s curse.  It’s a very cute middle grade novel, but I think it was something made slightly more interesting in movie form.

9.  Girl, Interrupted

This is an incredibly powerful memoir about a woman who gets sent to spend time in a psychiatric hospital for nearly two years after trying to commit suicide.  The book kind of goes back and forth as she describes different events that happened both before and during her stay at the hospital.  The movie was wonderfully done but is quite different from the book.  They really had a great cast for the movie, Winona Ryder played the lead, but it was definitely Angelina Jolie who stole the show as the “sociopath” Lisa.  It’s really hard to say that the book or movie is better because I almost consider them as two different things due to all of the differences in the story.

8.  Lord of the Rings series

So this a series that I can say without a doubt I enjoy the movies better, but it is mostly because I have never read all of the books.  I attempted to read the first book of the series and just couldn’t do it, I just have too much trouble reading Tolkien (I also tried to read The Hobbit and just couldn’t do it).  But the movies are fantastic and stunning.  If you’re not familiar with The Lord of the Rings (seriously where have you been) it is a high fantasy series that follows a group of people (hobbits, actually, as well as a few others) as they go on a journey to essentially save the world.  Great movies, and I know a lot of people who love the books, I just can’t get into them.

7.  Misery

I have not read very many Stephen King books, but my favorite book of his that I have read is Misery.  The book follows a writer who gets into a car accident and is “rescued” by a woman who claims to be his biggest fan, but things aren’t quite what they seem with her, and her dark side is soon revealed.  So this is an incredible book and I definitely enjoyed it more then the movie but the movie is still fantastic and the person who makes it so fantastic is Kathy Bates who played the fan.  She was so wonderful and insane, she was truly perfect for the role.

6.  This is Where I Leave You

This is a book that I just read this year and I didn’t even know existed until I bought it.  I saw the movie when it first came out and it was in fact my favorite movie of 2014, so when I found out it was actually based off a novel this year, I knew I had to buy it.  The novel and the movie are very similar, they definitely stayed true to the book when making the movie, which follows a man, whose wife cheats on him, ends up pregnant, and then his father dies and he’s forced to go home and sit Shiva for a week with his family who he has grown apart from.  They just really had the perfect cast for this movie and I think that’s part of why I enjoy the movie just slightly more.  I also think some of the characters are a little more likable in the movie.

5.  The Fault in Our Stars

So this is another one where I definitely liked the book a little better but I really thought they did a wonderful job with the movie and the casting.  The book follows a girl with cancer who ends up meeting a boy and falling in love with him.  The story is much deeper then that and many things happen in the story that leads to an overwhelming amount of feels, but that’s the easiest way to describe the book in a sentence.  The book is phenomenal and written by the incredibly intelligent and talented John Green.  The movie was great too though and it was so good to see the characters brought to life very true to their book form.

4. Memoirs of a Geisha

This is on my list of top 10 favorite books.  It is a wonderful historical fiction novel where some amazing elements of truth and history to the story.  The book follows a girl who is sold by her father and eventually becomes the most desired geisha in Japan.  The novel is rich with details of the culture and history and the author, Arthur Golden, really paints a picture of what is was like to be a geisha.  The movie is really great too, definitely not as good or detailed as the book, but it was really wonderfully done, and it was neat to be able to visualize the details that were talked about in the book, like the costume and makeup they had to do.

3. Silence of the Lambs

This is a book I just very recently read and reviewed and loved, like I knew I would.  The book follows Clarice Starling as she is an FBI trainee at Quantico and gets sent on an assignment by her mentor which leads her to getting involved on a very high profile serial killer case.  The book is incredible, but it is one where I have to say it translated a little better as a film, though I like the film slightly better in general, there are certain aspects of the book that I thought were better, like the character development and portrayal of Starling, for instance, was a little better in the book.

2.  The Hunger Games Series

With this series, I definitely enjoy the books more but the movies are still great nonetheless.  They definitely picked a great cast for these movies which made the books come to life in a way that I wasn’t certain they were going to be able to do (especially Catching Fire, it was my favorite book and movie by far).  The series follows a girl named Katniss Everdeen gets sent to compete in the Hunger Games, a barbaric contest where two children, one girl and one boy, from each of twelve districts is sent to fight to the death until there’s only one left standing.  The story continues on from there with Catching Fire and Mockingjay, where even more crazy things happen.  Again the books are definitely better and more detailed but they really did well with the movies.

1.Harry Potter Series

I can’t make a top ten favorite book to movie list without including my all time favorite book series ever.  Of course in this case the books are definitely 110% better then the movies but the movies are still wonderful and really bring the magic alive.  The only problem with the movies is they leave out so much from the books, major events, details, and even entire characters, but of course if they made movies that were 100% true to the books, the movies would be like 10 hours long.  They did a very decent job condensing each of the books though and had a wonderfully chosen cast.  I’m not going to put a description down for this one because if you don’t know what Harry Potter is about at this point, then you must live under a rock.  If you haven’t read the Harry Potter series, you just need to, and then watch the movies after reading the books.

So that’s it, that’s my list of ten of my favorite book to film adaptations.  Some of the these I liked the books better and then a couple of them I thought translated a little better as movies but either way I love each of these books and each of these movies.


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