Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter


Ahh, it has been too long since I have last read a comic, sadly.  For a while, I was a frequent shopper at my local comic book store and had a subscription to a number of different series, but then I became strapped for cash for a while and had to stop and just never really started back up again.  I just recently decided to try the free trial of Kindle Unlimited, which I have mixed feelings on (I wish there was more newer, more acclaimed novels available), and was perusing the selection of books when I stumbled upon this little gem of a comic series.  So this was a kindle version of a trade, which means it was the collected version of the comics #1-4, and I’m so happy I found it and now need to own the physical copy.

The story follows Ichabod who is in a mental hospital.  He’s pretty much insane and follows a voice inside his head which told him to commit all kinds of awful crimes.  The apocalypse comes and so he and a group of others from the hospital escape and try to just survive.

Sadly all I can find on this series is these four comics, so I don’t think the author, Russell Nohelty, wrote any more on this story which is such a shame because 1. It kind of ends in a cliffhanger, and 2. It could be so much more then it is, like he really could have expanded this story and it would have been great.  It’s still of course great as it is, but I wish he had wrote more!  The artwork is also very neat, I am a big fan of the artist’s, Renzo Podesta, style.  The story, itself, reminded me very much of Jhohen Vasquez’s (the creator of greats such as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac) work or even in some respects Ben Templesmith’s (the amazing author and illustrator of kickass comics like Wormwood:  Gentleman Corpse…Templesmith is seriously my favorite comic creator by far), so if you’re a fan of either writer definitely check this out!  But it has awesome elements to it like the end of the world, some gore, lots of killing, and a psychotic lead character.


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