A book someone I just met recommended me–The Raven Boys


Another fantasy novel, I know, but this was recommended to me by someone and it’s actually something I’ve been wanting to read since I started to get back into reading.  And I really enjoyed the book, definitely looking forward to picking up the next one in the series.

The book actually follows a couple different characters’ perspectives but one of the main characters is Blue.  Blue is a teenage girl who has two rules 1. stay away from boys, and 2. stay away from Aglionby boys.  Blue grew up in a house of clairvoyants, her mother and her mother’s friends are all psychic and each have their own speciality, so when Blue was a young girl, her mother, as well as others, saw that if Blue ever fell in love with a boy and kissed him, he was doomed to die.  So Blue guarded herself from boys, especially the boys at Aglionby, known as the raven boys, because they were just plain awful.  Blue, herself, is not a psychic but she can increase the psychic energies, a amplifier of sorts.  So when Blue goes with her aunt to the corpse road, a place where once each year the soon-to-be-dead walk and reveal themselves to the psychics, Blue is shocked to actually see one of them, all she learns from him is that his name is Gansey and he’s a raven boy.  Blue feels drawn to him and feels a need to discover more about him, and because of it she is taken on a journey with Gansey and his friends Adam, Ronan, and Noah, and they search for something that Gansey has been looking for for years.

This book honestly took me a little while to get into. At first, I really wasn’t that into the story, but then I really got into it after about the first hundred pages and it just continued to get better.  The whole story line is very interesting and there’s a lot of neat things with the psychics and then just supernatural energy as well.  Blue is an interesting character, she’s very determined and smart and unafraid but also kind of fragile at the same time.  Gansey is also very smart and determined but he never really knows what quite to say, and he has spent years obsessed with what he is after.  Gansey’s obsession kind of rubbed off on Adam, who unlike most of the raven boys, actually comes from a poor family, he is very sweet and self sufficient but he deals with a lot, especially with things that could change a person over time.  He is actually kind of what brings the boys together with Blue, he became interested in her and the two kind of start to get to know one another better, though Blue is careful not to get too close for fear her mother’s words will come true.  Ronan has a bad attitude, a hatred for his two brothers, and a secret regarding his father’s death, but despite that attitude he is very loyal to Gansey and the other boys.  And then there’s Noah who’s really quiet and reserved, but things aren’t quite what they seem with him.

The story, honestly, went a way I didn’t really expect but I really enjoyed that about it.  There is a twist that’s revealed about halfway through the story, but it was kind of predictable, I figured it out towards the beginning. But nevertheless, I think this is a really enjoyable read and that anybody who is into YA fantasy would really like it.


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