PANDORA: End of Days Review


I keep finding all of these really good, random graphic novels on the kindle unlimited.  I also keep finding really bad ones like Lick-it Man, I’ll let you figure out the meaning of that one on your own (hint: it’s not about a guy who licks stamps).  Anyway, I ended up really enjoying this one.

PANDORA: End of Days follows a discovery of a sarcophagus that could be a huge historical breakthrough, the sarcophagus itself is very unique and it could prove the existence of a civilization that predates everything we currently know.  The corporation responsible for the funding of its discovery decides to broadcast the opening of the sarcophagus but things turn dark, and they end up unleashing a virus that turns people into extremely dangerous zombie-like creatures.  And the only person who maybe able to save everyone is a young girl still in high school.

So the edition that is on Kindle Unlimited includes volume one and volume two, and the ending is left open for additional volumes, but I have yet to find anything online that says that there will be additional volumes added.  The story is a unique spin on zombies, which is something that has really been overdone in the past 10 years or so.  For a while there we were getting zombie movie after zombie movie, zombie themed comics and graphic novels, video games, etc.  So after a while, I think the general public started to get a little tired of zombies, especially when the stories started to feel very repetitive and almost like we were watching, reading, or playing the same stories again and again.  But this is a more unique perspective and if the author, Peter Ang, would continue on with the story I would love to see something that explores the background behind the sarcophagus.  Though this mix of graphic novel and manga did come out in 2012, I believe, so the likeliness that he will continue on with the series is bleak, which is really a shame because I really enjoyed it and I feel like not continuing the story takes away a bit of my liking of it.  The story is fun, action packed, the art is pretty good (very reminiscent of a manga, though the story reads like a comic), there’s a really interesting story, and I just really recommend it to anyone into horror type stuff.


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