Subscription box unboxing–NatureBox

I don’t know about you but I love subscription boxes.  They are some of my favorite things to get because they are like little surprises to yourself each month.  I especially like the food and snack boxes because they allow you to become exposed to lots of different treats and things you might not typically buy yourself.  One such box is NatureBox.  So with NatureBox, you can choose to get the subscription either every week, every two weeks, or every month.  You can also choose to get either five snacks for $19.95 a box, or ten snacks for $32.95 a box (shipping is included in the price, so it’s basically free).  One of the things I really like about NatureBox is it gives you a little quiz, which asks you if you’re allergic or don’t like a variety of different things.  You can also choose all of the snacks in your box if you want to, or you can choose to get a mystery box, where they choose all the snacks for you, or you can choose to pick a few of your own snacks and get a few mystery items (for instance if you have the five snack subscription, you can choose to pick four of the snacks and then let the fifth snack be a mystery that is selected for you based on what you like according to your quiz).  They also have a very wide variety of snacks to choose from, you can get both salty and sweet, and mixtures of both.  Their snacks do not have any artificial stuff, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and every snacks serving size is under 200 calories.  I have purchased this box on numerous occasions and I’ve never found a snack from them that I didn’t like, but a big bonus if you do have a snack in the box that you do not like, you can contact your snack concierge and let them know, and they will replace it in your next box with something else of your choosing!  So now on with my box.


So here is what the box looks like when it first comes to you.  I purchased the five snack box and it is quite large.  The box itself is made from recycled materials so if you’re all about saving the earth, you should appreciate that one.


This is what it looks like when you first open it.  There is a receipt that tells you the snacks that you received and also a coupon card for HelloFresh, which is actually $35 off your first box from HelloFresh (this would make the HelloFresh box $34 if you get the classic option with three meals for two people, it is regularly $69).  I have tried HelloFresh before and I really enjoyed it, it is a dinner subscription service, where you can choose recipes from their weekly options and they provide you with all of the ingredients necessary and it is delivered to your door.


Here is all five of the snacks.  Something I really like about NatureBox is you get multiple servings out of each snack.  There’s a few snack subscription services out there, where everything you get is single serve and although I still like those options, I really like that you get more portions with this.



The first snack that I picked was the Whole Wheat Vanilla Animal Cookies.  I am a big animal cookie fan, but one of my biggest complaints when I get them from the store is that they taste too sugary.  Yes, I know they are basically little vanilla sugar cookies, but they actually start to hurt my teeth, because of how sugary they taste.  These really have that animal cookie taste without that sugary taste to them.  So this bag is about 4.5 servings and only 4g of sugar and 17g of carbohydrates, which compares to some of the major brands of animal cookies out there where they have about 8.4g of sugar and 25g of carbohydrates.  These cookies also have just regular granulated sugar, while the bigger brands have sugar plus high fructose corn syrup added to them.  And the animal shapes are more detailed and shaped better then the ones you typically find in the store, which could be something of difference if  you have a couple of kids who can be picky.


See look how cute he is! 20160506_191051378.jpg

The next snack that I received was the Sweet and Simple Berry Nut Mix. This snack is a mixture of blueberry-flavored cranberries, cashews and almonds.  This sounded interesting and different to me so I decided to pick it.  I’m not really a big fan of cranberries so I thought this might be better because they are blueberry flavored.  That being said it does have that fake blueberry flavoring taste to them that I don’t really love.  There’s also a higher portion of the cranberries in comparison to the nuts, I would have liked to see them a little more even.  This is still a tasty snack, it’s just my least favorite of the bunch.  The cranberries aren’t too sweet and the nuts aren’t too salty so it is a really good combination.  This bag contains 4 servings and has 3g of protein, only 50mg of salt, and 11g of sugar.  I found a comparable item from Great Value that also had 3g of protein, it had a little more sugar at 13g, and had a little less salt at 40mg.  I could not, however, find a list of the ingredients to see if there were any additives in the Great Value product, as there are not additives or artificial flavorings in the NatureBox snack.


The next snack that I picked was the mini Belgian Waffles, and they are so good.  So these both taste and look just like waffles, except they are hard and more like a cookie in consistency.  They are a little sweet but not overpowering and they have a bit of a vanilla flavor.  They look exactly like little mini waffles.


And my dog is obsessed with them!  When I was opening up each of the bags to test the snacks, he was of course begging but for some reason when I opened up the bag for the waffles he started going insane!  Now every time I open the bag he freaks out and begs, see photo below:


This is Rocky, my crazy puppy, begging for mini Belgian waffles (also please ignore the mess reflected back in the mirror, the office is kind of a mix of Rocky’s room, an office, and a storage area).  This bag holds about 3 servings worth and has 9g of sugar, 19g of carbohydrates, 140 calories, and only 6g of fat.  I tried to find a comparable item to compare it to but I couldn’t really.


The next snack that I received was the Blueberry Almond Quinoa Bites.  I am a huge fan of things that are like granola and also things that have Quinoa in them and that’s pretty much what these are.


As you can see they are little bite size squares packed full of a bunch of different yummy things.  They have quinoa, crispy rice, dried blueberries, almonds, cashews, and pumpkin seeds.  There is a nice evenness of the mixture in each bite, so in each bite it really seems like you get at least one piece of everything.  They have a nice sweet and salty flavor to them.  You definitely get the sweetness from the blueberries but the salty from the nuts and seeds. This bag is approximately 3.5 servings worth. I was able to find a bar that was very similar to this one from Quaker.  The NatureBox bars contain 7g of sugar, 25mg of sodium, 15g of carbohydrates, 4g of protein, and 7g of fat compared to the similar Quaker bar which was 10g of sugar, 105mg of sodium, 24g of carbohydrates, 2g of protein, and 5g of fat.


And the final snack that I picked was the Salt & Vinegar Veggie Chips.  I love salt & vinegar chips, they are my absolute favorite flavor of chips but I am always searching for healthier options and this on from NatureBox is really good.  I honestly don’t notice a difference in flavor between the different veggies that they used, which are: yucca, purple sweet potato, tannia, and plantains.


They are nice and crunchy, not overly salty, they also don’t have the greasy feel that you often get with chips, and they have a really good vinegar flavor.  They are a little thicker then regular chips but I really don’t mind that at all.  These are probably my favorite snack from the whole box (though I really love the mini waffles and animal cookies).  This bag offers you about 4 servings.  Honestly though when comparing these to regular salt and vinegar chips, they have a lot of the same nutritional content calorie, sugar, and sodium wise, the regular potato chips were just slightly higher in fat then these veggie chips.

So all-in-all I really enjoyed all of the snacks that I picked in my box.  In order of favorite to least it would probably go: 1. Salt & Vinegar Veggie Chips; 2. Mini Belgian Waffles; 3. Whole Wheat Vanilla Animal Cookies; 4. Blueberry Almond Quinoa Bites; and 5. Sweet & Simple Berry Nut Mix.  I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to try some new and healthier snacks.  They really have so many great and varied options to choose from and they are both health conscience and environmentally conscience.  Plus, another bonus, they frequently have coupons on their website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.


I did pay for this box with my own money and the opinions above are my own.  I am not affiliated with NatureBox in any way.  If anybody would like to contact me in regards to reviewing a subscription service, or anything else for that matter, my email is




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