Subscription Box Unboxing–Tombox

I really like the concept behind Tombox quite a lot.  Tombox is a monthly subscription service targeted to women, that sends tampons or pads (which you have a selection to choose from), jewelry, and makeup (it looks like at one point they used to send candy as well but it doesn’t look like they do anymore).  I love this concept quite a lot because it’s nice to treat yourself for that time of the month and also gives you the ability to try different brands as well as build up your jewelry collection.  With this you can choose between two different subscription options, the first is monthly which charges you $28 a month, you can make it $6 more and get additional items, or you can do a six month subscription which charges $156 every six months.  You also get to take a quiz that asks your skin tone, hair color, eye color, and then questions about your style and type of makeup you like.  So now onto my box:


The box itself is just a plain white box, it doesn’t say TomBox on it or anything.  This is what it looks like when you open it.  There is a card in it that tells you everything that comes with the box, as well as the additional products that you got if you choose to pay the $6 extra.  I did not get the additional items this time, but may in the future.


So one of the things that I really like is there is a whole list of different brands and types of pads and tampons that you can choose from.  I, myself, am a pad person, don’t care for tampons, so I went with the Always Ultra Thin Overnight Pads.  I personally prefer overnight pads over regulars just because (about to be TMI) I tend to have a really heavy period and feel like they offer more protection.  I have not actually tried this particular type from Always before but I have purchased other products from Always and liked them, so I’m sure I will like these as well.


The next thing that came in the box is a bright pink eyelash curler.  It does not say anywhere what brand this is from, but I was actually in need of an eyelash curler as my current one is so old and worn out, I should have retired it quite a long time ago.  This one feels pretty sturdy and has nice grips on it, so I’m pretty happy with it.


The next item is a mascara to go with the eyelash curler.  This is the Palladio Curls Rule! Herbal Curling Mascara in the shade Brown.  I am one who always purchases the blackest black shade in mascara as I have very little eyelashes, both in size and in number, and want them to stand out, so I’ve never actually tried a brown mascara, but I’m excited to because I think it may look good with my blue eyes.  The wand is a small-medium size and the formula seems to be a little thick, it also has a funny smell that reminds me of glue a little bit, but I am excited to try this nonetheless.


The next item is the California Mango Mend Dry Skin Balm.  I have very dry skin so I am always looking for stuff to help with that.  This says it is good on dry, cracked skin as well as sunburn, and as a pale, pale person, I certainly get enough of that.  This has a gel like look to it, and is a bit oily.  It does have a really nice smell and does feel smooth.  I think this is something I am definitely going to try on my feet, my heels get horribly dry and start to crack at times and I’m always looking for something to help with that.


The next item is the NickaK New York White eyeliner Pencil.  So this is of course in the shade white, which I like for my lower waterline.  It’s a nice bright, pure white shade.  However, it doesn’t seem like it blends at all, when I swatched it on the back of my hand and went to rub at it a bit with my finger to see if I could smudge it out, it just completely wiped away.  It does say it is valued at $2 so it is cheap, but I honestly know other cheap brands that make way better eyeliner.  My holy grail eyeliner is actually from Wet’n Wild, and I would honestly rather that over this.


And the final item is this necklace from EtherialBeauty and is the Sweetheart Reversible Pendant.  This is pretty, the camera did not do the green color justice, it is a very emerald green type color.  It does feel pretty cheap, especially the chain, which I can’t wear stuff like, it breaks out my skin, so I would have to switch chains before wearing it, but it is definitely pretty.

Again this is the review on the subscription box TomBox.  Overall, I like this box, but I honestly don’t think this is something I would get every month.  I definitely like the concept behind it, but would like to see a bit higher quality items in it.  I certainly don’t expect like high-end makeup or jewelry or anything like that, but maybe some things of a little better quality.


I paid for this subscription service with my own money and the opinions above are my own.  If you would like to contact me about reviewing a subscription box or anything else for that matter, I can be reached at



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