Subscription Box Unboxing–Try the World Snack Box

This is the last subscription box I received today and it is another snack subscription service.  So Try The World actually has two different subscription services that they offer.  The first is their original subscription service where every two months you receive a box that contains items from a specific country in the world.  I have received this before and received a box from France and a box from Spain.  I did really enjoy that subscription service, I feel like you get a wide variety of things to try as well as things to grow your pantry, for instance I received a coarse salt, paprika, and olive oil between the two boxes.  Try the World also has the Try the World Snack Box, which is what I received today.  This subscription offers you a variety of different snack items from different countries across the world, so unlike the original box this is not curated to a specific country, in fact each month you receive five snacks and each snack is from a different country.  This one is monthly, whereas the original is bimonthly, and you can either pay it monthly for $19 or they have varying other packages to make it cheaper per month.  I like this subscription because I like to try things from other countries.  In fact one of my favorite things to do is go to this area in Pittsburgh known as the Strip District, it has all kinds of different markets and stores and some are speciality stores that sell items from particular countries, for instance there is Lotus Foods which specializes in Asian groceries, there are several that specialize in Italian, a Mexican foods store, and even more.  I love going down there and getting snacks and treats from the different countries and trying them out.  Anyway, onto the box:


So this is what the box looks like when you first receive it, it has the logo on it as well as the name and is a nice red box.  The original service comes in a box within a box, the other cardboard box is the protective box but inside is a beautiful blue box that I love!  I kept the boxes afterward to store things in, because they were so nice.


When you open the box, you get a little card that basically tells you what to expect from the service and also on the back tells you everything that is in the box.


So the first item I received in the box is from the brand BioKia and are Kuivattu Marjamix or Dried Berry Mix.  So this is a mix of little dried berries:


which includes Finnish lingonberry, cranberries, Finnish blackcurrant, and Finnish bilberry.  This snack is of course from Finland if you hadn’t figured that out already.  It tastes just like regular dried berries, so they are sweet, but there is also a tart bitterness flavor in there as well.


The next snack is from Thailand and are Thai Spicy Flavor Rice Crackers.  Here is what they look like:


The crackers come in a couple different colors and there is some variation in taste so I’m assuming they are different flavors, though what flavors I’m honestly not sure.  They do have a little bit of heat to them, but nothing too strong.  It’s a very mild Thai heat flavor, at least in my opinion but I love spicy foods and put hot sauce on pretty much everything so things that are mild to me aren’t necessarily mild to everyone else.


The next snack is from Sweden and are from the brand nyakers and are Ginger Snaps.


So gingersnaps are not really something I typically reach for, I’m just not normally a huge fan of them, but these are actually pretty good.  They are nice and thin and crispy and have that warm flavor of ginger, cinnamon, and clove.  I think these would actually be quite nice with a glass of milk.  These are not overpowering like some gingersnaps are and like I said I actually kind of like them.


The next item is from France and are Veritables Caramels Tendres, which is basically just caramel chews.


Inside they are individually packaged, caramel chews.  These are okay, they’re not the best caramel chew I’ve ever had but they’re also not the worst.  I feel like this is way less sugary then the stuff we sell in America so they’re probably not quite as bad for you.  I feel like these are a little lacking in flavor however.


The final item that I received is Orientines Croquants A L’ecorce D’Orange.  These are little orange cookies from Morocco.


These are pretty good.  The orange flavor tends to be a little subtle, despite the pieces of dried orange within the cookies.  They kind of remind me of little dried biscuits with orange in them.  They’re a more subtle flavor but still good.

Again this review is for the Try the World Snack Box.  I really like this box because it gives you the opportunity to try things from all over the world, whereas other boxes either just offer American snacks or they offer snacks from a particular country, for instance Japan or Germany, I have seen a couple of boxes for each.  I think you certainly get your moneys worth with this too because you’re getting full sized products in this box.


I paid for this subscription box with my own money and the opinions above are my own.  If you would like to contact me about reviewing a subscription service or anything for that matter, I can be reached at


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