Subscription Box Unboxing–Book of the Month Club

Another subscription box, yay!  So I actually received this one several days ago, actually at some point last week and just never reviewed it for some reason.  This is a book subscription box, of course, and with this subscription, each month there are five judges and they get to each pick a novel for the month, and then you get to choose which novel you want and it is sent to you.  Normally the novels that they pick are new and they are always hardcover books, they also normally have a guest judge.  This month was Josh Radnor, an actor probably most well known for his role as Ted from How I Met Your Mother, but each month they normally have some sort of guest judge that picks a book.  I did not end up picking the book that Josh picked, but rather the book that one of their regular judges, Liberty Hardy, picked, which was I Let You Go.  Now with this subscription you pick your book from the five picks of the month but then you can choose to add on another book, which can be from that month’s selection or you can pick from a previous month, and add it to your box for only $9.99, which is a decent price for a new hardcover, I did not, however, add another book.

The subscription, itself, is $16.99 a month, and it is free shipping and handling.  They have other options as well so you can do a one month, three month, or twelve month subscription plan, which all have varying rates, but the one month plan is $16.99/month.  One of the nice features that they offer is you can choose to skip a month if you have no interest in any of the books that they are offering for the month.  I actually almost did because none of the books really caught my eye at first, but as I read more about I Let You Go, it grew on me and I decided to go with it.

So now onto the box:


So this is what the box looks like when it is opened.  Normally I would have done a shot of what it looks like itself, but there was a great big shipping label on the box so I decided against it, but it does have the Book of the Month Club written on it as well as the logo on the top and sides of the box.


The box came with a Ring Pop, for saying yes to Book of the Month, which I thought was a really cute touch to the box.


The box then comes with a little card that has a note written by the judge of the books, so in my case it was written by Liberty.


The box also comes with a bookmark, which I really like because I somehow have no bookmarks at all and am constantly using pieces of scrap paper and whatnot to use.  My current bookmark that I am using is actually a grocery list that I have decided to re-purpose!  I really like this, though, because it has a really nice quote on the one side.  It is from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, which I don’t really care for but I really like the quote.


And then the final item is the book itself.  I have not yet read the book, since I just recently received this, but from the synopsis, it looks like the book is a psychological thriller, which is one of my favorite genres.  And it looks like the novel might be about a woman who looses her child in an accident and her attempt to move on from that.  Now the cover that you receive does look like it is a Book of the Month Club exclusive because it does have their logo printed on the cover.  That being said it looks like it is the same cover that everywhere else sells for the hardcover version of the book, but when I looked it up on Amazon, there is a paperback version of the novel, that I like a lot more, the cover, to me, is a little more appealing, but really that’s not something that is super important, I just like pretty covers.

Overall, I think this is a nice subscription service to receive newer hardcover books and that the price is reasonable.  When I looked up this particular book on Barnes and Nobles website, it sells for $18.12, so you are getting it a little cheaper then you would on there, plus they do charge shipping and handling unless you spend up to a certain amount or if you have their membership.  Most newer hardcover books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble are anywhere between $16-$30, so you could potentially be saving money with this.  Plus if you buy additional books for only $9.99 each, that is also saving you a decent amount.  I like this subscription, but I’m a bit of a bigger fan of the ones that come with additional bookish related items, like Owlcrate or LitCube or Uppercase however, those ones because they come with additional items, do cost a bit more, and most of those subscription services appeal to YA books and readers.  Plus with this subscription if you do the three month or the twelve month service, you are paying less per book, so if you do the longer subscriptions you are saving even more money per book.





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