Subscription Box Unboxing–Darby Smart

So here’s a new type of subscription service for me, a craft subscription service.  I have not tried any craft subscription services before so I was excited to try this one.  Darby Smart is a monthly subscription service, where each month there is a themed craft and you are sent all of the items required to complete that craft.  They have two different subscription options, one is for adults and one is for children.  I purchased the adult box.  The box, itself, is $19 a month and has free shipping and handling.  They have pictures of previous boxes and it looks like previous boxes had things like metal stamped jewelry, wood burned cutting boards, ink blot coasters, and more.  This month it was a sugar scrub, which I actually just recently said that I really wanted to buy one, so I was excited to see that that is what the box was for.


Here is what the box looks like when it comes to you.  It is a pretty blue box that does have the name and logo of the company on it.


When you open it the description card is right on top.  The card lets you know what you are making and then tells you were to go to find the instructions on how to make the item.  You do actually have to go online to find the instructions, they do not send it in the box.


Then you get into the items that come with the box, so in this case you received a jar, a heart mold, soap base, pure sugar, citrus oil for scent, grapeseed oil, and pink mica for coloring.


Basically once you receive the box, you just go online, find the instructions and create the craft.  It was originally my intention to take pictures throughout the process of making the scrubs but you have to do the whole process rather quickly or the soap base begins to solidify and harden up and you have to continually microwave it, so I did not get pictures throughout the process, but it was very easy.  Basically I melted the soap base and then just added all of the other ingredients; once everything was mixed together, I poured it into the heart mold and put it in the fridge to set.  It was a really easy craft to make and here’s what it looks like when it is done:


I honestly have mixed opinions on this box.  The box only gives you enough ingredients to do the craft once, so you only get a few sugar scrub hearts out of it.  Also the hearts are really quite small.  I actually used one today in the shower, and although I can definitely get multiple uses out of each bar, they are still quite small and not as gritty as I would like them to be.  Some of my favorite scrubs out there are a little rough, but I have very dry skin so it’s something that I need.  One of my favorite scrubs is actually a salt scrub and it comes from Lush and is called Rub, Rub, Rub, not only does it smell amazing, but it is really exfoliating and gritty.  I also really like the sugar scrubs that come from Bath and Body Works, they have them in a bunch of their different scents and again they are more gritty and exfoliating.  These ones that I made just aren’t very gritty at all, the sugar wasn’t coarse enough for what I like it to be.  They do have a pleasant smell, the citrus oil is to add a scent to them, so they do have an orange type smell, that I really like.  Honestly though, I feel like I could have bought all of the ingredients myself, in full size, so that I could have made multiple batches of these for around the same price that the box cost for already measured ingredients good for only a few scrubs.  I also didn’t like the fact that you have to go online to get the instructions.  They are already sending you a card with the craft on it, so I really don’t understand why they couldn’t print the directions on the back of the card.  Overall I wasn’t really impressed with this box, I have seen some photos from previous boxes, however, and was much more impressed with some of those crafts, but if I base my decision on just this one craft, I honestly wouldn’t get the box again.


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