Subscription Box Unboxing–Pop In a Box

So I have a new addiction.  Funko Pops.  I don’t know why all of the sudden I’m so interested in them, but I am and I need ALL. OF. THEM.  Well not all of them.  I’ve decided that I only want to collect the Pops from things that I like, unlike some collectors who seem to try to collect everything and anything.  Not that there’s something wrong with that, it’s just not for me.  That being said there are still so many out there that I want.  I’m a huge book/tv show/movie nerd, so there are a great many pops out there that I really, really want.  I’ve been watching a lot of unboxing videos and through those I ended up finding a company called Pop In a Box.  So Pop In a Box is a subscription service where monthly you can get Funko Pops in the mail (they also have the Dorbz and other Funko products as well).  Basically you pick which subscription that you want, they have a 1 pop for $9.99, a 2 pop for $18.99, a 3 pop for $27.99, a 6 pop for $53.99, a 8 pop for $71.00, and a 12 pop for $104; plus shipping and handling.  With this you do have the ability to save money per pop compared to what they normally sell for in stores, plus they do randomly send out exclusives as well as the oversized pops and some of the vehicle pops.  Once you create your profile and pick which subscription you want, you then have the option to go through all of the different categories and put in which Pops you already have and you can thumbs up (meaning you want the pop) or thumbs down (meaning you don’t want the pop) the entire selection.  This way they don’t send you pops you already have or don’t want so it is completely customized to the things that you like.  They also allow you to say you don’t want certain products, for instance if you don’t want any Dorbz you can click that you don’t want any of the Dorbz products.  I personally clicked this because the only ones I’m really interested in getting is the actual Pops, there are some Dorbz that I do want out there but I’d rather buy them myself.  So now onto my box:

Normally I would post a picture of the box itself but it actually just comes in a plain brown box.  I have even seen other unboxings where the box was from some other company so they don’t have their own exclusive boxes for this subscription.  What I did find weird though is where it says your name on the label it said my name and then underneath it said “Or Current Resident”, which was a little odd.  Now I picked the 3 pop subscription, and I have seen some unboxings where they put some paper or bubblewrap in the box to keep the pops safe, mine did not have anything, but my boxes still came in really great condition.  I am not an in the box collector however, so that doesn’t matter to me I just care that my pops look good.

The first pop that I received was:


Fluttershy, from My Little Pony.  So I apologize for the really shitty pictures in this post, my camera on my phone just would not cooperate and I still haven’t charged my DSLR (it’s literally been like two months since I’ve charged it and it literally takes two seconds to do).  I love My Little Pony (yes, I’m 25 years old and like My Little Pony, I also love Ever After High and Monster High (oh my god, Funko make Ever After High and Monster High Pops, that would be amazing!)).  I think the show is just really cute and I love the main characters.  Fluttershy is one of the main ones and she’s just such a cute little Pop.


She’s very basic, there’s not much to her, but that’s how she looks in the show, the only special thing that is painted is her cutie mark (which I didn’t take a picture of for some reason).  I really like this Pop though, she’s very cute and they did a really good paint job on her, I didn’t really see anything bleeding through or anything like that.

The next Pop that I received was:


Rainbow Dash.  So one of the things that I have noticed on these unboxings that I have watched, is that Pop in a Box is really good about sending out multiple characters from the same series if they are on your list, which I think is really cool especially if you are trying to collect the whole series.


So here is what she looks like out of the box.  She’s a bit more detailed then Fluttershy because she has rainbow colored hair.  She’s very cute but she does have some paint problems.  It almost looks like the blue paint wasn’t fully dried when they started painted the hair and because of that the yellow portion has some blue paint in it, I don’t really care that much about it, it’s just something that I noticed.  Again a very cute pop and I’m happy to have received two from the same collection.

And the final pop that I received, and the most exciting pop is:


A Dalek from Doctor Who.  I am a recent lover of Doctor Who.  I only started watching it very recently and am only in Season three of the newer Doctors, but I love it so much and my favorite villains so far have been the Daleks.


This pop has a lot of little details on it and it is just really awesome!  This was the one I was definitely most excited to see.  He’s just so detailed and cool looking!

So again here are the three pops that I received:


Overall, I think this was a really great first box, I’m very happy with the Pops that I received and look forward to getting the next box, which I actually got the 12 pop box (I found a coupon that makes it a bit cheaper)!  I’m really hoping I get an exclusive in that box, but I don’t really care too much if I don’t because I’m still saving a lot of money by doing the subscription then just going out to a store and buying twelve pops.  I do have a link here if you would like to save 20% off your first box.  I don’t get anything from using the link except when you refer so many people they do send you a free pop, but I don’t earn money off the link or anything like that.


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