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The time has come.  Another subscription box.  YAY!!  I know I have said it before but I seriously love subscription boxes.  This one is Comic Block which is a box run by the company Nerd Block.  If you’re not familiar with Nerd Block, they actually have several different subscription options that you can get.  They have the Nerd Block Classic (which tends to be an assortment of nerdy things), Arcade Block (a box dedicated to video games, especially of the classic variety), Horror Block (where you get all things horror, a personal favorite of mine), Sci-Fi Block (a sci-fi themed box), Comic Block (a comic themed block), and Nerd Block Jr. for boys and Nerd Block Jr. for Girls (girl and boy themed boxes with nerdy toys).  I have received many of these boxes before and have liked them quite a lot, but I will say the themes can be hit or miss.  I have definitely seen box themes before where I’m like oh my god I need to have this, and other months where I’m like yeah no thanks.  But that’s what’s nice about the company is they give you teasers each month of what’s to come in the boxes, and you can choose to pause the service for the month if there’s nothing that you want.  Or another nice option that they offer is say you’re subscribed to Arcade Block normally but there’s nothing in the coming month that you are excited for, but the Nerd Block Classic has a bunch of stuff you’re really into, you can actually switch to the Nerd Block Classic for that month so you’ll get that box instead.  The boxes are all $19.99 a month (except for the junior boxes which are $13.99 a month), plus shipping and handling, plus if you need a larger shirt, they do offer 2x, 3x, and 4x but charge extra for those.  The company is located in Canada so the shipping is a little high and the boxes normally come out to around $31-$33, I believe.  There are other subscription options, you can do a three month, six month, or twelve month subscription, so the price per box ends up being a little less.  This is pretty comparable to a lot of geeky subscription services out there, however, one of their bigger competitors, Loot Crate, is actually quite a bit cheaper.  It’s actually $19.99, which includes the shipping and handling, for one month of Loot Crate, so just food for thought there.  I have never actually purchased Loot Crate before but am definitely planning to next.

Anyway onto my May 2016 Comic Block 🙂

So when the box first comes to you in the mail this is what it looks like:


So it does have it’s logo all over it.  It also says that it begins to mutate, because Comic Block, a few months ago, was actually revamped.  It used to be $13.99 and it came with 3-4 comics, a shirt, and I believe one small item; now it is $19.99, comes with a couple items, a shirt, and comics.


Again they kind of elude to this when you pull open the flat.

So once you open up the box, this is what you see:


All of these subscriptions do come with a T-shirt and then again a couple fun items and a couple comic books.  The first item that we get here is:


Avengers: Age of Ultron mini Wacky Wobblers set of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor.  So this is a really neat set.  I am a Funko collector so I do appreciate Funko items, but I do think that they could have done something from Captain America: Civil War instead.  The movie just recently came out and I think it would have been more neat to have a newer set then something from Age of Ultron which is now over a year old.  I still really like this set, but I definitely would have like to have seen something a little newer.

Here are what the figures look like out of the box:

So these figures are actually pretty detailed and very cute, they are also extra bobble head like.  Again I do really like these, just would have been cooler to have a Civil War set or something.

The next item is another Funko item:


It is a Batman Series One Penguin Dorbz.  I’m honestly not a huge lover of Dorbz or DC for that matter, but I do like Batman’s villains, so I do think this figure is really cute.  My complaint with this is that I wish it would have been an exclusive.  Dorbz are so easy to come by and they are so frequently on sale that it definitely would have been more cool to get an exclusive harder to find one.

Now onto the comics:


The first comic that we have here is of The Punisher and it is a Comic Block exclusive Variant Cover, which is pretty awesome.  I do really like this cover, it is very dark which fits the Punisher pretty perfectly.  I really like getting variant covers, it makes them a little more special to me.  I do really like the Punisher, but haven’t really read much of him so it’s pretty awesome that now I get the chance to.  I am super excited for the Netflix series that they are working on currently, if it’s anything like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it’s going to be awesome!

The next comic that we received was kind of the whole reason I got the box:


Tank Girl Volume One, another variant exclusive cover.  I am a huge fan of Tank Girl, so when I saw the spoiler that said that Tank Girl was going to have an exclusive item in Comic Block, I knew I had to have it.  I was really hoping the item would be an actual item/collectible or a shirt, but I knew it was going to be a comic.  I’m still happy either way, it just would have been cool to have this be an item.

And the final thing that we got was the T-shirt:


This is such an epic shirt.  So the t-shirt features Apocalypse from the X-men, and it is done in a very Apocalypse Now (a pretty awesome movie from the 70’s if you’re not familiar) style.  I really, really like this shirt.  Honestly, I’ve only ever received one shirt from a Nerd Block box that I didn’t really care for, and I still liked the shirt, it just wasn’t my favorite; but they normally really hit the mark with the t-shirts.

You then get a couple little cards in the box, one of the cards tells you everything that was in the box, the other card tells you what to look for in next month’s box, and then they also give you a coupon card for Hello Fresh.

A lot of people tend to complain about the Hello Fresh coupon for some reason, but I like when boxes collab and offer discounts to members of other boxes.  This one is for $35 off your first box, which would make the box $34 if you do the two people, three meals option, which is normally $69.

Now to look at value.  So I did a little bit of research to determine these prices, but the first item that we are going to look at is the mini wacky wobblers.  Online these go for anywhere from $15 (when sold from individual sellers) to $25 (when sold by major companies; because of this variation I decided to give them a value of $20.  The Dorbz is another one that can vary, I saw it from anywhere from $6 to $10, so I decided to value it at $7.50.  The comics I give face value, even though they are variant covers, they aren’t signed, and they aren’t done by some hugely high valued artists, so they each get $3.99.  Now the shirt was a little more difficult.  Shirt Punch is the company who is responsible for the shirts for Nerd Block and they run specials every day on select shirts so that they cost $10 but their shirts normally cost anywhere from $19.99 to $24.99.  Since this shirt is an exclusive, I decided to value the shirt at $20.  So you have $20+7.50+3.99+3.99+20=$55.48, so I would say this box is valued at anywhere from $55-$60, which is pretty decent value, it’s about double what you pay after shipping and handling.  Now you do also get the $35 gift card to Hello Fresh so if you wanted to add that to the value, the box would be valued around $90, but I don’t really factor that in considering you can get discount codes for Hello Fresh all over the internet.

So overall, I did like this box quite a lot, I would probably give it about a 7/10 and the t-shirt would definitely get a 10/10, I really love that print.  The items were really cool, I liked the comics a lot and of course loved the shirt.


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