Graphic Novel Review–Will o’ the Wisp


Another amazing graphic novel read.  This story really draws you in right away and takes you on a fun and exciting and a little spooky journey in the Southern swampland of Ossuary Isles.

The story follows Aurora Grimeon who after the death of her parents is forced to move in with her estranged grandfather in a small southern town in the swamps.  At first she is unhappy with her move, but as time goes on and she gets to know her grandfather and the secrets of the town, the place grows more and more on her.  Strange blue lights, random deaths, and hoodoo all play a part in this interesting tale of a young girl exploring a new place and new people.

I really thoroughly enjoyed this story.  It was a recommendation from my best friend and he never steers me wrong.  I especially really like the hoodoo that is spread throughout the entire story and the ghost story that the novel follows.  It was very different from most stories of similar subject matter. The lead character Aurora was a pretty east to relate to teenager, curious and a little rebellious.  Her grandfather was odd but interesting as was most of the people in the town.  Plus the art work was really well done.  It was beautiful and dark and yet at times vibrant.  I would definitely recommend this to those who enjoy a little ghost story.


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