Subscription Box Unboxing–Big ol Box of Stuff

Ah, a subscription box that had such potential and yet fell short, this is becoming the story of my life when it comes to unboxing subscription boxes.  Today, I received my Big ol Box of Stuff (aka BOBOS), a box that I have been waiting, not so patiently for, a box that I was so excited for, but sadly ended up being quite disappointing.  So a little background on the company, BOBOS is actually a unique box for the geeky/nerdy folks out there in that the subscription box that they send you is catered to your interests.  Basically, you go onto their site, sign up for the subscription and then you fill out a survey.  The survey has a lot of prefilled categories like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Horror, etc.  You click the boxes of the things that you like, and then at the end of the survey you can fill in a few characters or franchises that aren’t listed in the survey.  Now you’re not guaranteed to get any of the items that you fill in but you will at least get stuff from things that you clicked in your survey.  The box is $35 and they do not automatically resubscribe you, which I like, or you can do the 3 month subscription for $90, so you save $15 with that option.  They send a variety of different items including some more old school/vintage figures and collectibles, which is what drew me into the company.  I was hoping for some awesome collectibles for my collection and instead I got a mediocre box at best.

So I forgot to take a  picture of the box but it just comes in a Priority Mail box, they just recently changed it to these to lessen the cost of shipping because it was becoming too expensive.  The box does have a cute little robot (BOBOS) on it but other then that it just looks like a regular post office priority mail box.  They did put some paper in the box to keep everything snug so stuff didn’t shift around too much which I do appreciate.

The first item that I received in my box was:


A Severus Snape pop.  Somehow I just knew I was going to get this pop, before I even opened the box I just had this feeling that this pop was going to be in there.  I am happy with this pop, he is definitely one that I really wanted, Snape is one of my all time favorite characters within the Harry Potter series and so I am quite happy with this item.  Unfortunately it’s not enough to save the rest of the box for me, but here’s what he looks like out of the box.


Very cute pop, I love him quite a lot.  The box was slightly damaged but I’m an out of box collector and only keep the boxes of the exclusive pops I receive, so that didn’t bother me.

The next item was:


Harry Potter stickers from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  I don’t know about everybody else, but I don’t like getting stickers in subscription boxes, to me they are just a throw away item.  These are nice quality stickers of different scenes from the film but I have no idea what I could even do with these.

Next we have:

Two pins, one from Harry Potter that says Always and one of Freddy Krueger.  I’m a big fan of both franchises so these are okay, unlike the stickers, I actually do like pins, but I wish they were a little less generic and a little more interesting.

Next we have two items from Ghostbusters, the first being:


A Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Pocket Pop Keychain.  This is cute, I do like the Stay Puft man scene from the Ghostbusters movie.  I’m actually pretty happy with this particular item.  It’s really cute and I don’t have it.

And then the other item was:


A Ghostbusters Ecto Mini.  Unfortunately this is from the new movie, which I am honestly not looking forward to (I’m really trying to stay positive but the more I see of this movie the less impressed I become).  I know they make these or something similar to these from the classic films so that would have been much cooler to get, but I got some orange glow in the dark ghost thing that looks like it is splitting down the middle.  These are kind of on the lower end of the mystery minis to me, I think the ones that Funko and Titan do are way nicer then these.  So again, it wasn’t a horrible item, just one I’m not excited for.

The final item that I received was:


Buffy the Vampire Slayer official Photo Cards.  These are really nice quality photos and look as if you went to get them developed yourself.  I thought they would be like action scenes from the show, but they were more like just regular posed photos.  It’s not a bad item, I just don’t really know what I will do with these.  I definitely think they are nice quality.

You also get a bag of candy so I got a baggie of skittles and I’ve seen other people get pop rocks, so those are little added bonuses to the box.

I don’t want to sound super harsh because I know this is a small family owned business, but I have seen so many unboxings for this company and heard so many wonderful things, and I’m really just honestly very disappointed.  Part of the reason I subscribed was because of the more obscure things that people were getting in their boxes but I received things that I could go on Amazon and buy for less then what I paid for this box.  I didn’t expect something that was going to be double or triple the value, but I expected something with items that you don’t see or find everyday and I didn’t get that at all.  I also didn’t get a very varied box.  I got three items from Harry Potter, two from Ghostbusters, and a Buffy item.  I certainly didn’t limit what I picked on the survey, I put a whole bunch of things on my survey.  I also didn’t get anything that I filled in myself.  So like I said above you can fill in three characters or franchises that aren’t on the list and I know you’re not guaranteed getting anything from those things but that still would have been a nice bonus.  And it’s not like I picked super obscure things, for instance one of my choices was Tank Girl.  There is a currently running series of Tank Girl that they could have put an issue of, or there are plenty of older series of Tank Girl that are easy to find at comic stores, that they could have put in there, but I didn’t get anything like that.  Again I hate to sound so negative, but after seeing so many awesome unboxings of this company from other people with similar interests as me, I was very disappointed to get this box and wouldn’t get it again.  I also was a little upset that it was delayed getting to me and now after seeing the items in the box I don’t understand why it was.  This was June’s box and they say they ship between the 11th-25th of the month, but mine wasn’t shipped until July 1st.  I still got it pretty quickly from there, but I could have understood the delay in shipping had I received an item in the box that I thought might have been harder to get a hold of, but none of these items fit that description so I don’t know.  Just not impressed at all, and actually quite disappointed.


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