Graphic Novel Review–Memorial


This is by far my favorite series that I have read recently and it completely took me by surprise.  This was actually lent to me by my best friend and I went into the story blind.  I had read the back of the book to see a brief description but it does not do the story justice in way and just completely blew me away.

One day a young woman awakes to find that she had no idea who she is.  With no way to ID her but a necklace of the letter M, she becomes known as Ms. M.  A year later, she has built a new life for herself, she works for a bookstore in New York and has moved on.  That is until she finds a strange shop and within that shop, a key it seems simple enough, just a little skeleton key, but little does she know that very key is about to change her life forever.

This story was so much more then I honestly thought it was going to be.  I’m a big fan of fairy tales and stories that dive into different fairy tales and this one does that in a very different way.  Within the pages of this book we meet characters like Robin Hood, Mulan, Sinbad, a character that is very much like Peter Pan, and more.  We also meet a talking cat, living statues, shadows that are really people, and blind librarians that can see the future.  This is one of those tales that I would love to see brought to the big screen because if done right this series could make an excellent movie.  The story is complex and fun, the characters are all very unique, and it takes place a very interesting and different world.


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