Graphic Novel Review–The Westwood Witches


I have another amazing comic book series to review!  This one is The Westwood Witches and it is an interesting, dark, and gory horror comic.

The Westwood Witches follows author Jack who moves, with his wife, back to his hometown after the death of a relative.  Things are fine until strange things start to happen and Jack is forced to relive childhood moments that lead him to remembering things in his past that he had forgotten.

This is a dark and fun read.  Jack is an interesting character.  He’s an author of a book that he despises, he’s married to a woman who loves his money, and he stores many secrets deep within him.  I really enjoyed the story line with the witches.  I really love stuff that deals with witches whether they be good or evil.  In this case, they are most definitely evil, but their rituals are neat and dark.  It was also rather gory, which brings me to the art which was really well done, I thoroughly enjoyed the artist’s style and thought it was a perfect fit for the subject matter.  I also really liked the twist that the story took.  Jack is not quite what he seems and neither are the witches of his hometown.  Even the book that he hates isn’t quite what he thinks it is.  This is definitely one I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of horror or dark comics.


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