Graphic Novel Reviews–Herald Lovecraft & Tesla–Fingers to the Bone


So I didn’t even realize this when I started reading this but this is actually Volume 2 in this series.  Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla History in the Making is actually the first in this series, but having not read it, I honestly didn’t feel like I was missing too much.

This series actually follows Tesla and Lovecraft in a world where they are best friends and together they are searching for Amelia Earhart, who’s actually missing in what appears to be some other dimension.  This volume follows them on their journey and also brings in a lot of other characters that are based on real people, such as Mark Twain, Aleister Crowley, Albert Einstein, and more.

I love stories like this that bring in people from real life.  I have actually read several different series like this that followed Edgar Allen Poe, and I always really enjoy these kind of alternate histories.  This one mixes some fantasy and sci fi in there and is just really fun.  I especially enjoyed the monster made of books that makes an appearance in this tale.  Definitely a fun little read, if you’re into alternate history type stories that deal with fantasy.


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