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I'm a 20 something enthusiast of all things geek. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and work as a banker during the day. At night I geek out in a variety of different ways whether it be playing board games, video games, seeing movies, reading books, buying comics and collectibles, or anything else that strikes my fancy. This space is going to be a place for me to share my views and reviews and hopefully connect with others who enjoy such things as well. If you would like to contact me for anything regarding reviewing a book or anything like that, my email is

I’m baaaaccckkk…

It has been a hot moment since I have done anything on here and I’ve decided recently that I need to get back into things that I enjoy.  One of those things is blogging about all of the things that … Continue reading

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Suicide Squad Movie Review

Suicide Squad has definitely been one of the most anticipated movies of the year and with all of the merchandising and promotions that they’ve done regarding the film, I think we all certainly had high expectations as to what the … Continue reading

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Movie Review–Green Room

So I just want to start off by saying that this film took me by complete surprise.  I honestly did not know too, too much going into this film.  I remember seeing a trailer for this a good while ago … Continue reading

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Subscription Box Review–Horror Pack

Yesterday I came home from work to a little brown package on my front porch greeting me and I was super excited because I immediately knew what it was.  For those who don’t know, I’m a huge horror fan.  I … Continue reading

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Book Review–The Darkest Part of the Forest

Another fantasy novel, I know, I know, big surprise.  I love fantasy so much though, and this particular book was actually lent to me by my best friend.  My best friend and I actually do this book exchange every month … Continue reading

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Book Review–Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

So this one is actually a reread for me.  The Harry Potter series is my all time favorite series and it has actually been quite some time since I have reread the books, but a few months ago my sister … Continue reading

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Graphic Novel–Nailbiter Volume Two

This is another one of those series that I instantly fell in love with and just keeps getting better. Nailbiter Volume Two picks up where the first one left off, with so many questions unanswered.  A murderer has struck yet … Continue reading

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